Lastest IPhone Money Games News

7 free iPhone apps for iPad, iPod Touch worth downloading now The free iPhone apps compatible with iPad and iPod Touch, that are popular downloads today include a free app that saves you money on car service and a free app that helps you eat healthy within your budget, according to an article in AppCraver […]

Lastest IPhone Paid Apps News

Overrun With Messaging Apps Because I'll install almost any app on my iPhone just to take a look, I've got a jam-packed folder called “messaging apps” that's now five pages deep. It includes only the big names, regional giants, and those newer arrivals buzzy enough to secure … Read more on TechCrunch Viber Announces Global […]

Rumored LG V510 could be a Nexus tablet

Rumored LG V510 could be a Nexus tablet It won't until Google is able to overcome the lag inherent to running the Android OS in a virtual machine, and there are successful paid apps that Google could see monetizing for themselves. Perhaps in app purchases of sample content, with uploading … Read more on SelfPay […]

Spotify vs. Pandora vs. Grooveshark

Spotify vs. Pandora vs. Grooveshark “That's why they're not featured in the Android Marketplace, or Apple's app store,” the spokesperson continued. “That also means that with the paid version of Grooveshark, that money is going straight into the operators' pockets and not to artists and … Read more on Digital Trends You have too many […]

'Clumsy Ninja', 'Heads Up!', still the top downloads on iTunes

'Clumsy Ninja', 'Heads Up!', still the top downloads on iTunes 2, Clumsy Ninja and Heads Up! are still the top downloaded apps at the Apple App Store. NaturalMotion's Clumsy … Minecraft – Pocket Edition. Last updated Oct. 16, it now supports the iPhone 5's widescreen display, Support for the iPhone 5's … Read more on […]